Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 (:

Oyy yeahhh , its 2011 and byee byee 2010 sobs sobs . woaa , yeahh im hoping this year might be a nice once and good . sorryy lama tak update . so , dah masuk new year and this year pulak aku amek SPM perrggghhh kena lahh belajar KUAT KUAT kan . tak boleh dah nak update sangat fb dgn bloggehh ^^ wink winkkk . so here i'm going to say , good bye 2010 [; im happy with that year , too many memories I had . Yeahh , maybee betol kata orang past is past , but past ajar kita jadi matang dan tak ulang benda yang saamaa kan . Well , seems esok I will be attending to school nak daftar semua . starting esok I will reduce my :

1. err facebook and bloggeh , Im sorry no more updating *kadang kadang je -.-'
2. holiday ? NO for sure lah kan
3. TIDURRR , tak boleh dah sekarangg.
4. No TV , except news -.-' eiuwww . PLEASEEE (!) HAHAHA
5. more to study and attending classes.
6. no more outing until SPM finish .

see , how could You 2011 ? I'm done with You . but macam mana nak buat kan , kenalahh hadapi jugak kan , so pray for all our success this year . Oh myy [; Thanks and sorryyy for the late updating. see you guys later .

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